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Manos Gonidakis guitar player 


Manos Gonidakis is an experienced guiatarist who has played for more than 8 years on Live stages. He is influenced by Pink Floyd, SRV, BB king, AC/DC, ZZ top and many others. He started at the age of 15 and at the age of 17 performed 2 gigs at Jasmin rock club.  From the age of 18 to 22 performed several gigs in Thessaly. (The Mill of the Elves, Amigos, Cresedo, People) From the age of 22 to 24 performed several live gigs in Athens. (Elefsis & Idrani, Galerie Dimiourgon) On 2018 Kostas Katoikos invited him to join Blossom Death as Lead guitarist and on 2019 they released their first EP, performing gigs on BUMS, AnClubn and Black box .


 Southern Gothic Metal Band

Manos Gonidakis entered the band when the frontman/bass player of Blossom Death asked him to come over his house and "try to play" the song I will remain from the American Southern Rock Band Hogjaw, that song was the reason that connected the members together to officially form the band.


“Mistaken” is the lead single on this 3 song EP. Kostas and Marita do the singing in this group and they sing well together; this is a good thing as they are married so this makes the BLOSSOM DEATH  band a real family affair. “All That I Want” leans into their Evanescence stylings while serving up some Goth undertones. “All That I Want” also features slide guitar while Kostas and Marita co-lead again on the vocals. “Pad Out” brings a driving beat, some hot guitar playing and Marita’s lovely vocalizing. At under 13 minutes this release ‘MISTAKEN’ just flys right by.


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